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Clean Air

Hiring plants is good for your work environment.

Live plants have more than just decorative qualities. They certainly do create atmosphere and image but LIVING PLANTS do so much more! Living plants in buildings reduce the levels of air pollution and volatile organic compounds which are emitted by materials in computers, photocopiers, furniture and fittings along with microorganisms from people.

Toxins, chemicals and odours (invisible yet ever present) cause the obvious headaches, eye, nose and throat irritations, nausea and stress and the not so obvious ‘bad’ moods, low motivation and lethargy. Indoor plants have the ability to remove these air toxins and improve air quality to create a healthy and productive workplace.

Indoor Plants:

• Clean air of chemicals (VOC’s)

• Reduce sickness and absenteeism

• Improve ambience and aesthetics of your workplace

• Represent proactive “Duty of Care” (OH&S)

• Help humidify air / assist airconditioning

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