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Office Plants
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The Trend of Open Plan Offices

Open plan office areas have become a trend. They can be very beneficial for inspiring collaboration between workers. Having an open plan office area is an effective real estate cost cutting measure for business owners. As well, the carbon footprint can be reduced. An open plan layout will use less space than individual private offices...
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green wall design for office

Tropical Plant Rentals – more than an office plant hire company

Living Green Walls At Tropical Plant Rentals we don’t just hire indoor plants for your office.  We also create incredible living Green Walls.  Green Walls create an instant WOW factor. Five years ago, we visited Canada, USA and China to research the different models and their effectiveness and maintainability.  We have a range of living green...
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indoor plants in reception area

Does your office reception make a good first impression?

  Have you ever thought about your reception areas first impression to your visitors? An office reception is the first port of call for many visitors and potential new clients. The importance of a positive first impression is a very important. First impressions matter and a first impression is a lasting impression. Having a reception...
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A Typical Day in the life of an Indoor Office Plant Hire Technician

Indoor Office Plant Hire servicing starts in Parramatta My day starts at 6am. Heading off to spend 3 hours at the Parramatta Park Royal. Unfortunately, it’s not for the delicious buffet breakfast that I can smell on my way to the swimming pool. It’s not to do some laps in the lovely pool either. I...
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Why Choose a Potted Plant over a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers for your Office?

We all know how visually appealing a fresh colourful bouquet of flowers can look. Especially displayed on an office reception desk. But do we know the environmental impact of freshly cut flowers? Some flowers around the world are labelled “freshly picked”. A lot of flowers in Australia are imported from foreign countries such as Kenya,...
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green wall in foyer

Green Star Rating and Green Infrastructure

Green Star is a sustainability rating system launched in 2003 by the Green Building Council of Australia. The system was set up to measure and assess how environmentally friendly a building is. The Green Star Rating system is measured at all stages of the built environment life cycle. Factors include the efficiency of the cooling...
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indoor plants in workplace

Office Hire Plants and the impact it has on your workplace

We know the many health benefits that indoor plants have in the workplace.  They remove pollutants in the air creating a healthier office for your office staff and clients.  Visually plants transform an office into a beautiful environment.  But did you know plants also enhance your workplace in the following ways- Indoor Plants give a...
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Alex TPR Franchisee

Meet Alex

I’ve been part of the Tropical Plant Rentals team for 12 years. What areas do you hire indoor plants to? Sydney Metropolitan and CBD, Bondi, Coogee, Alexandria (well of course), Parramatta, Macquarie Park, Chatswood, Surry Hills, Randwick, Matraville, Canterbury, Bankstown and Revesby are the areas I service and maintain indoor hire plants. What do you...
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Indoor Plant Hire for your office and how it works

Organising indoor plant hire is easier than you might think. We all know the beautiful aesthetic appeal plants can add to an office. The feeling of being closer to nature makes us feel good. There are also the many health benefits that indoor plants provide to employees.  We know that plants clean the air.  Studies...
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What is Biophilia?

Biophilia is the term used to describe the love of nature and of living things. It describes our instinctive bond with nature and our natural surroundings. The word Biophilia was first used by a psychologist named Erich Fromm in 1964. While the term is relatively new, the concept has been around since ancient times. Biophilia...
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