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Benefits of Potted Plants
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Rent Office Plants to Help Restore your Workplace Post Covid-19

It’s been a tricky few months and many businesses are looking at ways to renew the workplace post Covid19. Renting office plants is an easy solution to welcome your staff back to the office. As we navigated the uncertainty of the pandemic, we were forced to isolate and adjust to social distancing rules. During this...
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Benefits of an Indoor Plant Hire Service for a Greener Office

There’s no doubt that greener offices promote happier and more productive workplaces. When indoor office plants are cared for and nurtured, they are highly beneficial to our health and wellbeing. They contribute to a healthier indoor working environment by providing cleaner air, reduced sickness and stress leave, and increased productivity and job satisfaction. By implementing...
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BEE 2019 Exhibit

What’s the latest news at Tropical Plant Rentals?

What a big week it’s been across the board here at Tropical Plant Rentals. Business carried on as usual with our indoor plant hire installations and maintenance of indoor plants and green walls. It’s that festive time of the year again, so our Special Events Team have been super busy installing lots of short term...
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Artificial Plants or Real Living Plants? Which one?

Indoor office plants or green walls can be the perfect finishing touch to your working environment. After all, we all enjoy looking at nature. Many studies have proven that simply looking at nature can improve mood, help us to feel calmer, be more productive and more creative. Since we spend so much of our time...
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What are the Psychological Benefits of Indoor Office Plants?

The presence of living indoor plants has been linked to many psychological health benefits. Many of us appreciate the visual beauty that real living indoor plants can bring to an interior space. More importantly though, the psychological benefits indoor office plants provide can make a positive impact on the well being of your employees. A...
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7 Reasons you need plant hire in your office

Biophilia is the innate tendency humans have to seek connections with nature. Often our workspaces do not contain much greenery or nature. Various studies have suggested that adding some simple greenery can be very beneficial to your workplace. Here is a list of reasons why you should hire plants for your space from us here...
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Our Top 5 Plants for Indoor Office Plant Hire

We have many favourite plants that we love to supply to our clients for their office plant hire. It was hard to narrow it down to just 5. From Brisbane to the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Chatswood, Parramatta & Melbourne. With much debate, our Plant Hire specialists have agreed (almost) on our Top 5 office...
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The Benefits of Indoor Plants in Schools

Having indoor plants in schools is an ideal way make students and their families feel welcome. Adding some live greenery is nature’s way of saying you belong here. Indoor plants can be used to enhance school staff rooms, school lobbies and school offices. Indoor plants have many benefits and some research about plants in the classroom has...
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Does your Office Space Lack Inspiration?

Do you feel tired and dreary thinking of your office space? Does your office space lack spark and inspiration? Does your office space look dull and a bit boring? Perhaps you just don’t have the time. Or you don’t quite know where to start. You know it needs a lift, but you just can’t put...
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Why Choose a Potted Plant over a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers for your Office?

We all know how visually appealing a fresh colourful bouquet of flowers can look. Especially displayed on an office reception desk. But do we know the environmental impact of freshly cut flowers? Some flowers around the world are labelled “freshly picked”. A lot of flowers in Australia are imported from foreign countries such as Kenya,...
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